Grant Workman is a former U. S. Air Force aircraft crew chief that wrote science fiction and fantasy stories as a hobby. He was born in Ohio and grew up in Florida in a career military household. After enlisting in the military, he was sent to Southern California where he still lives after his Honor Discharge. Grant worked as an aircraft mechanic at McDonald Douglas Aircraft company which is where he met Mary, a fellow aircraft mechanic.

Mary Workman was born in Northern California, living in several states and a foreign country while also growing up in a career military household. After working as an Administrative Assistant in Colorado for several years, she moved to Southern California, became a mechanic, and eventually an aircraft mechanic. Together they crafted machines that fly as well as stories that send readers soaring.

While working together at MDC, they began to collaborate on Grant's fiction stories. In 1993, they married and in 1996 self-published their first book, the DNA based vampire tale, The Guide, with e-publisher AuthorHouse.

Grant begins their writing process and originates ideas, which come from his love of science fiction and fantasy realms. Mary performs the editing process on rough drafts, as well as being a story-line consultant. They have since created over a dozen completed stories of fiction: horror-vampire and werewolf tales, space travel adventures, alternate dimensions, time traveling sword fighters, futuristic off-world military and murder mysteries. Their study of Sil Lum Kung Fu and other martial arts are used in the many action fight scenes of their storylines.

There is always another story to tell, another character to create, and one more person to inform about the truth that only women can be werewolves; care to know why, just ask them.

"Cheryl and Andrew The Bar in "VAMPIRE LINE"



HELLO EVERYONE!!!! The latest about our VAMPIRE LINE SERIES. You all know Volumes 1 & 2 are out there and available on AMAZON.COM in paperback and Kindle, and that actor TIM ABELL is our lead Vampire, ANDREW. We now have ANNA EASTEDEN as FBI agent and Alpha Werewolf Cheryl Davenport. Cheryl is a thorn in Andrew's side that just fascinates the Hell out of him.

Contents and Updates

Well it's March/April and we are working with some talented people to get the VAMPIRE LINE, our series of short stories on film. There isn't much information I can share right now, but soon. Our space adventure BANISHED WORLDS is out, getting very good reviews. You can read the excerpt by clicking on the book on the front page here. And you can read some of THE GUIDE, our DNA based vampire not the same as VAMPIRE LINE.

Our world keeps moving, as it needs to. Some of the stuff we've discussed here has come into being. ANDREW our Vampire is out there and feeding well. You'll meet some of the people he deals with, well the ones he doesn't use for lunch.

Couple of other things you might like to know is that we are now writing screenplays. Still work to do there. Almost 30yrs of writing novels and short stories, and now we are transitioning them into screenplays. There are also two new Space Adventure story lines, "NOVA SPACECRAFT COMPANY, and ESTER FUSION," these are written, and are moving forward. However, our main focus is currently on VAMPIRE LINE series.

E-mail us at Grant.Workman64@gmail.com

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